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2004.12.27 >>Well, it seems to be as good a time as any to get my lazy ass in gear. If I wanna be popular, I gotta work, after all! Was'sup, dudes?

2004.11.09 >> I don't know what's wrong with me. I am a dumbass. You can email me and tell me that. Anyhow, I am currently stuck on a single strip and I don't think there'll be an update for a couple weeks while I build up a buffer for my other comic and get time to work on this one some more. Just wait and PLEEEEEZE have mercy on me!

2004.11.07 >> Sorry I missed Monday's update. I think this comic is kind of getting off to a rather rocky start. Stupid senior year. Stupid college applications. Grmblgrrr. Anyhow, be assured that this comic will be around for a while. Oh - and remember to vote for me on buzzcomix and the webcomics list EVERYDAY. The POWER OF COMICS COMPELS YOU!

2004.11.07 >> And here it is, the first episode finally begins! It's my first time experimenting with photography ( or pictures, rather, that I find on Google ) and comics, so I'm kind of nervous as to how to draw in the characters to fit the backgrounds. It's an interesting process, and I'm very excited as to where this story is going. I hope you'll enjoy it too! Send comments, questions, and letter bombs to: >> my email address!

2004.11.07 >> Well, here it is. Today, we launch the first ever chapter of 'Answer'. What is 'Answer', you ask? It is urban pop culture shock, mixed with near-future gloom, mixed with idealism and hope. It's the story of how an intellectual underclass is created in an America that has abandoned personal freedoms. Its soundtrack is anti-establishment hip-hop, to the pulse of thudding techno, as a soprano sings a solemn requiem for the forgotten and the downtrodden. It is vox populi screaming for an answer.

Answer is the future. Know it.

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